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The one and only exclusive sale of the year!

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In recent years, there is a higher awareness of health maintenance and diseases prevention. With the expansion of the health market sector, there are also more products for consumers to choose from, but not all products are effective or safe, with the lack of regulations in health supplements, it is easy to get the wrong product with little effects or in some cases even harmful.   Kyotsujigyo has always focused on producing high quality “Kampo” therapy (Ja
Kyotsujigyo uses EMS Speedpost international courier service which is convenient, reliable, and cost-effective when compared with other courier services.   From 2018-01-01, EMS Speedpost has updated the shipping charges. According to the recent increased EMS Speedpost charges, our shipping fee has correspondingly increased.   We understand that the shipping cost is high due to international delivery. To reduce the cost of using our product for
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Fibrosis is scarring of the liver that results from chronic inflammation. It is a process where the damaged, dying liver cells are replaced by fibrous scar tissue, causing the liver to become hard. The extent of liver fibrosis can vary, and it is often classified in several stages. The most common classification is a scale from F0 to F4. F0 indicates no fibrosis. A normal liver is at a stage between F0 and F1. F2 denotes light fibrosis, and F3 indicates severe fibrosis. When scar tissue build
ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase / SGPT) is an enzyme that is mainly found in liver cells. The level of ALT in our bloodstream is the primary indicator of liver health.   What does high ALT indicate? ALT enzymes are normally contained within liver cells when the liver is healthy, but when the liver cells are injured or damaged by whatever means, ALT enzymes are released into the bloodstream, causing levels to go up. Therefore, by measuring the
You probably have already heard about the new antiviral hep C drug, which is effective but insanely expensive. It claims to have around 90% success rate, that’s why so many hepatitis C patients are dying for it even though it’s extremely costly. But apart from its expensive price tag, there is a bigger issue behind this new drug that not many people know about. Scientists and researchers have found an increased risk of extreme liver cancer related to this new drug after successful
Hepatitis C viruses share a common characteristic to other chronic liver diseases; it could damage the patients’ liver cells. Hepatitis C patients should focus on stopping or reducing the damage in the liver, and this focus should be the same for other chronic liver diseases e.g. hepatitis B, fatty liver disease, NASH etc. And this is exactly what YHK can do.   YHK can stop liver cells damage caused by hepatitis viruses, and can repair damaged liver cells, to he
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