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* All reviews are provided by actual users of YHK and should be used as reference purposes only,
   as each individual health condition is different, results may vary.
Erica Tomas, 42 years old - Hep C Cirrhosis

“YHK is beyond expectations! I have hepatitis C for years which turn in to cirrhosis stage 2, YHK was recommended to me after I visit a new doctor, and after using it for 2 weeks, I knew YHK is working. I felt my energy coming back, my appetite improved and I was about to sleep through a night, which was not possible for years. My ALT level also went down from 134 to 29, (on week 4) which was the biggest surprise for me and my doctor.

I have been using YHK for little more than 6 months now, and I never thought that this little tablet can help me so much. I have yet to have a liver scan yet, but I have a good feeling about it. I also found the support team to be very helpful and kind. I would recommend anyone who has similar problems to give this a go.”

Gary Bombley, 55 years old - NASH Fibrosis

“YHK was recommended to me by a friend who also has NASH and fibrosis, as first I was skeptical about it, but after checking with my doctor which he approves for me to try, I gave it a go and started 6 YHK tablets per day.

And the improvement was highly noticeable, with my ALT and AST level both dropping back to normal level, I also had a great improvement on energy level, I was able to go through the day without needing any nap. My doctor was equally happy with the results. The biggest thing is that my liver scan shows that my fibrosis level has reduced from F2 to F1, which was totally unexpected!”

Female - Hepatitis C with Cirrhosis

“The services are very good. I received the product quickly, very well packed. And I have no problems with the online payment. What is difficult is the expensive price. I hope more people can have access to this innovative treatment. I have been taking 3 tablets per day, and I have a blood test after I used YHK, which shows improvement on my ALT level, I also feel improvements on my symptoms.”

David Franklin, 38 years old - Fatty liver with high ALT

“I drink alcohol regularly and found to have fatty liver and high ALT and AST level during a checkup. I try reducing the amount of alcohol I drink and exercise, but it did not help to reduce my ALT or AST level by much.

After 3 to 4 months of trying a fail, I come to YHK during an online search for information and order a pack of YHK 180 Tablets for a try. The results were totally amazing, my ALT level went from 103 down to 30, and AST level also went from 135 down to 42. My doctor and I were both amazed with the results. The only downside of YHK is that once I completely stop using, my Alt and AST level start to rise again, so I continue using 2 YHK tablets per day at the moment.”

Mays Sorrentino, 53 years old - Hep C Cirrhosis

“I have liver cirrhosis due to hepatitis C, and I started using YHK after curing hepatitis C, hoping to improve my liver function and to prevent liver cancer as I still have cirrhosis. I have used YHK for little over a year, and I found it to be good at improving my energy level, and my cirrhosis level has also gone from F3 to F2. I am using 6 YHK tablets per day, and hopefully, I can move it to F1 in the coming year.”

Larry Roberts, 58 years old - Liver Protection

“I have used YHK for more than 4 years now, I have started using it as a protection as I am a regular drinker. After using YHK, I feel much better on the next day after drinking, and generally, I just feel more awake during the day. Overall I am very happy with the result, and I am currently taking 2 tablets per day, and 4 tablets if I have drunk more that day.”

Male - Fatty liver

“I am currently taking 4 tablets per day, I felt obvious improvement after using YHK. I started with 6 YHK tablets on the first month and had a blood test after 3 weeks or so, which shows great improvement on my ALT levels.”

K Byrne - Post Hep C: Cirrhosis recovery and protection

“You guys are terrific with customer service and your informative emails. However, the prices are a bit steep. I would continue but for the price. My hep C is cured, and the cirrhosis is better, I'm being monitored now for liver cancer every 8 months. The last appointment showed just fatty liver. Yay!!! There is an obvious improvement in my symptoms and I am taking 1-2 tablets per day.”

Antony Naylor, 51 years old - NASH Fibrosis

“I was always slightly overweight and was found to have NASH and fibrosis a few years back, while there wasn’t any effective solution from the doctors, I looked else where and found YHK online. After using YHK my ALT level drop from 186 to 39, I took 6 tablets for my first order of 180 tablets pack. Both myself and my doctor was so shocked to see the results. I have since then keep using YHK, and so far, it has been helping me greatly and my liver function is stable. I am now on 3 tablets per day, and would highly recommend it to other people having trouble with NASH.”

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