Safety is alway our first priority. Over the years, we partners with Doctors and Researcher worldwide to make sure YHK is 100% safe for our users!


Scientifically Proven

YHK is a scientific based natural supplement, with more than 30 different research and clinical studies, YHK has clear effects in recovering liver cells.


Side Effects Free

Unlike typical medications, the natural ingredients of YHK does not cases any side effects, making it ideal to use for liver recovery and protection.1


Worldwide Professional Support

YHK has partner with different University in Japan, USA, Italy, Canada, Hong Kong and other countries to understand the safety and effects of YHK.


Doctor Recommended

YHK is recommend to by healthcare professionals and Doctors worldwide, helping liver patients to recover, reduce fibrosis and prevent liver diseases.


Support by thousands

Since launching more than 25 years ago, YHK is popular among liver patients, especially in the Japan, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, and US region.


High Quality Standards

YHK is MADE IN JAPAN according to the Japan Health and Safety Regulations. matching ISO9001 and GMP standards with straight safety testing.

1. No known side effects was found on all clinical research of YHK, and there is no side effects report from users.
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