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Reverse Cirrhotic Liver • Lower ALT
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YHK is a scientifically based liver therapy. Clinically proven effects in recovering liver function and normalising ALT (GPT) liver enzyme level, helping patients to recovery liver health.1
* All research and clinical data should be used for reference purposes only, results may vary.

3 Clinically Proven Effects


Anti-Inflammation & Lower ALT


Reverse & Prevent Cirrhotic Liver Tissues


Prevent Abnormal Cells Growth

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“Clinically studies show that with 6 YHK tablets per day, over 96% of patients improved liver function within 30 days. You can start to enjoy the amazing results with just 1 pack of YHK!”

Research data are collected by U.S. National Library of Medicine:

Great Users Reviews
Recovering Liver Health

"All my recent Liver Functions tests have been normal after starting YHK 2 years ago. Prior to that, they had been getting worse for the previous decade. It took 3 weeks to normalize them. Still very impressed with your product. Thank you!" 2

Cirrhotic Liver No More
Reverse Cirrhotic Tissue with YHK

Research studies show that YHK contains anti-fibrosis properties which help the liver to reverse scar tissues and reduce the risks of abnormal liver cells growth.

Natural Patented Formula
Made in Japan

YHK is made by a patented formula with 4 highly respected and well-studied herbs, including Panax Pseudo Ginseng, Eucommia Ulmoides, Licorice Root and Rhizoma Polygonati. These herbs are known to have strong healing effects in the body and liver with anti oxidants properties.3

Clinical Studies
A Proven Natural Therapy That You Can Trust!
With published research data proving it's effects and safety.

Worldwide Professional Research

The way YHK helps to protect liver cells is simple yet effective. By directly providing each cell with the essential protective properties, it allows any damaged liver cells to quickly recover and prevent further damage.

At a medical conference, Prof. Marota, explain the effects of YHK:
“Any patient with liver disease with high transaminases (ALT/ AST level), in 2-3 weeks by taking this supplement (YHK), the ALT/ AST dramatically drop and normalize, unless of course you have 1000 ALT, so it is absolutely effective!”

1. Research Reference: PMID 16944007 / PMID 17151579
2. YHK has over 30 different paper on liver related subject, it is one of the most advance and scientific based supplement.
3. Effect of "Yojyo Henshiko, a new Chinese Herb Prescription", on Serum ALT and AST Levels in Patients with Hepatic Diseases.
* All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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