WHAT YHK does?

Lower ALT (GPT) Level
Reverse Cirrhotic Liver Tissues
Prevent Chronic Liver Problems

Clinical Research indicatesYHK can effectively lower ALT within 10-30 days. YHK also contain anti-fibrosis properties that can help the liver recover cirrhotic liver tissues.

The effect of YHK on lowering alt level
View YHK clinical trials information.

Key Effects and Advantages of YHK


Enhance and protect liver function


Prevent chronic liver disease


Prevent formation of scar tissue
(fibrosis and cirrhosis)


Prevent Fatty liver and NASH1


Reduce risks of liver cancer


Improve detoxification ability and improve energy level

* Clinical research on NASH has shown that YHK can normalize ALT and AST level in 10-14 days.
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