Clinically Proven Effects

  • Comprehensive Properties,
  • Clinically proven safety with NO side effects,
  • Worldwide recognised with clinical research and medication journal publications, YHK is the most scientific based liver supplement currently available.
  • Research shows that over 95% of users improved liver health level after using YHK.1

Side effects Free = Stress Free

YHK is not like other supplements in the market, it offers amazing protection for the liver in a way that is completely safe. Clinical research and Government approved safety test shows that YHK does not cause any side effects and is safe for long term use as a protective supplement.

International Recognition

  • Patented Formula in the USA, Canada, Europe, China and Japan.
  • Over 30 worldwide conferences,
  • Research Awards, 2
  • Medical journal publications,3
  • Research collection at the US National Library of Medicine.
1. Research Reference: PMID 16944007 / PMID 17151579
2. First JSH Single Topic Conference & Third JSH Single Topic Conference
3. Research was published on different medical journals including: Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Annals of Hepatology, Liver International, Rejuvenation Research and Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Science.
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