Clinically proven effects like no others can offer

  • Most advance and noticeable results,
  • Clinically proven safety with NO side effects,
  • Worldwide recognised with clinical research and medication journal publications, YHK is the most scientific based liver supplement currently available.
  • Over 95% of chronic liver disease patients has liver function improvement after using YHK for 14 days.1

Side effects Free = Stress Free

YHK is not like other supplements in the market, it offer amazing protection for the liver in a way that is completely safe. Clinical research and Government approved safety test shows that YHK does not causes any side effects and is safe for long term use as protective supplement.

International Recognition

  • Patented Formula in US, Canada, Europe, China and Japan.
  • Over 30 worldwide conferences,
  • Research Awards, 2
  • Medical journal publications,3
  • Research collection at the US National Library of Medicine.
1. Research Reference: PMID 16944007 / PMID 17151579
2. First JSH Single Topic Conference & Third JSH Single Topic Conference
3. Research was published on different medical journals including: Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Annals of Hepatology, Liver International, Rejuvenation Research and Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Science.
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