For Hepatitis C

Amazing Therapeutic Properties. Normalise liver function.

YHK has been clinically proven to reduce ALT to normal level and recover normal liver function in hepatitis C patients.

Key Effects and Advantages


Reduce inflammation

Protect liver cells from being attacks by hepatitis virus and fibrosis.


Normalize ALT & AST

Improve liver function test results and recover normal liver function.


Enhance growth and recovery of liver cells

Quickly repair damaged liver cells and help grow healthy liver cells.


No side effects

YHK is a safe and side-effect free therapy made from natural ingredients.


Prevent liver cirrhosis

Clinical research indicates that YHK can help prevent cirrhosis by protecting liver function.


Feel energetic again

A lot of users have experienced increased energy and better appetite.

Research Reference: PMID 17151579
* All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.

Clinically Proven Therapeutic Properties

“Comparing the serum levels with their pre-administrated values, the mean ALT levels were decreasetytd to 21% and the mean AST levels to 72% of the four HCV patients.”

Clinical Application and Efficacy of a New Chinese Medical Herb Prescription: “Yojyo Henshiko”

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How YHK works?

The goal of conventional treatment of chronic hepatitis is to eradicate the virus in patients. However, YHK’s approach is to strengthen and protect liver cells to prevent chronic inflammations and fibrosis in the liver. YHK enhances the growth of new liver cells and repairs damaged liver cells so that normal liver function can be recovered.

This approach makes YHK a great alternative for those who are not suitable for conventional treatment. Clinical studies show that YHK can normalize ALT and AST levels in hepatitis C patients within 2 weeks, reflecting a decrease in the degree of liver injury.

Protection for hepatitis C carriers

YHK is also recommended to HCV carriers, as YHK can effectively protect liver cells and improve immunity of the liver to prevent attacks by the HCV virus. With better immune response and protection, liver cells are less likely to be harmed by the virus and become inflamed or damaged. In the long run, YHK can reduce the risk of cirrhosis or liver cancer.

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