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Stopping liver inflammation is the key to a new healthy life for chronic hepatitis patients.

Stopping liver inflammation is the key to a new healthy life for chronic hepatitis patients.

The biggest concern for chronic hepatitis patients is the worsening of liver inflammation; the chronic inflammation can cause liver function to gradually decline, leading to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. [1] Many patients are longing for the launch of new antiviral drugs, hoping and expecting that the new drugs could help them to kill the viruses in their body. Most people believe that the culprit of their liver problems is the virus, and only by killing the virus can they solve their liver problem.


However, there is a key issue that people have ignored for a long time. What are the real threats and dangers to the liver? Is it the viruses? Or rather the inflammation of the liver? The answer is that all damage caused to the liver is done by chronic inflammation! [2][3] We know that there are a range of substances that can cause liver inflammation, e.g. alcohol, drugs, heavy metals, fats, food additives and other chemicals, as well as hepatitis viruses. Hepatitis virus is only one of many causes of liver inflammation. Until this day, we are unable to find any specialists who can assert that when hepatitis viruses are present in the body, the liver will definitely have inflammation.


In fact, many different countries suggest that when hepatitis virus is detected in the body but  there is no liver inflammation, antiviral treatment is not required. [4] If treatment is not required, it implies that liver disease does not exist, and the person is merely  a hepatitis virus carrier. These carriers are not sick and thus do not need to take any antiviral drugs. 


The presence of hepatitis virus in the human body is very common in the society. The human body is born with different bacteria and viruses anyway, [5] so when someone is infected with  hepatitis virus through whatever means, the first thing to consider should be how to maintain a strong liver and body immunity, and to prevent attack from the viruses. There are many cases where people have hepatitis virus in their body, but they are still able to maintain normal liver function for life. This management approach can reduce the pain and financial burden of antiviral treatment and also avoid emotional and psychological damage when failing antiviral treatment or if relapse occurs.


This is a big implication for chronic hepatitis patients. For those who suffer from chronic hepatitis, apart from killing the virus with drugs, there is another choice in dealing with the disease : to reduce inflammation of the liver. This should be the top priority for all chronic hepatitis patients. The risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer can be greatly reduced when the liver is no longer inflamed.


If patients consider from this approach, then the possibility of living a normal healthy life is a lot higher, because stopping inflammation of the liver has already been proven to be possible. Research has proven that chronic hepatitis patients can achieve this goal within 1 month. [6][7][8][9] Treating inflamed liver cells is no longer a fairytale or a wish, it is a fact.


To confirm the extent of liver inflammation, we should focus on the ALT level in liver function tests (LFTs). [10] When the ALT level is below 40, inflammation in the liver can be considered to have disappeared.


Are you happy with your current ALT level? Do you wish to normalize your ALT level and recover normal liver function?

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  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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