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Stress and Liver Related Mortality

Stress and Liver Related Mortality

We all face stress and anxiety; sometimes, some of us face more serious emotional struggles. Taking care of our emotions is something we should consider important. In the past, the “mind” and “physical body” are separated into two individual systems. But in recent years, more studies have shown the connection between our mind and body.


A research investigated the link between mental distress and liver problems. Thus, the team surveyed and analyzed the data from 166,631 participants. During approximately 9.5 years of follow-up, around 17,000 participants passed away, with 457 suffering from liver problems. The team found out participants with high scores on mental distress had a higher risk of liver related mortality.


Although this study could not confirm the causal relationship between the two, this study has provided evidence of the mind-body connection. Mental distress has the potential to cause health concerns.


Another study tried to understand the mechanism behind stress-induced liver damage. Results showed that under stress conditions, immune tolerance in the liver was interrupted, which could induce liver problems. 

  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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