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How to maximize YHK’s effects at the lowest cost?

How to maximize YHK’s effects at the lowest cost?


Using YHK correctly can have a big affect on the results. In this article, we will explain how you can use YHK at a minimal cost to quickly recover your liver health as well as prevent liver problems in the long run!

YHK is made with natural ingredients widely used as functional food in Asian society; its formula is patented in the US. The amount of YHK required is based on liver health status and therefore varies among individuals. A person with more severe liver injury will require more support than someone who has little liver injury. Lifestyle, diet and genetics may also affect the amount of YHK needed to restore liver function.

Therefore, to get the best out of YHK, you must find out the dosage that suits you best.  This will require initial testing and making small adjustments, but once you have found the right dosage, you will benefit from a healthy liver at minimal cost.

1) Before using YHK

We recommend users to have a liver function test before using YHK.

Monitoring the progress and function of YHK is needed in order to help adjust the dosage. Having a liver function test before using YHK can help you to measure the effects of YHK and it also serves as a guiding reference for future dosage.

2) Starting to use YHK
When first starting to use YHK, we suggest you to follow a simple dosage guideline:

  • 3 tablets/ day for people who have normal ALT level
  • 6 tablets/ day for people with abnormal liver function or liver problems

YHK can be taken before or after meals, the effects are not affected. However we do recommend splitting the daily dosage into 2 times, i.e. morning and evening, as this helps to provide better support to the liver throughout the day. As for the duration, we recommend first-time users to take YHK for 30 consecutive days.

3) Checking the effects of YHK

This is a very important step when using YHK, which is to check for improvement.

We suggest users to take another liver function test after using YHK, as the results (ALT level) can indicate the effects of YHK and also be a reference for your future dosage.

If liver function returns to normal after using 6 tablets of YHK/ day, you can reduce your next month daily dosage by 1 tablet, i.e. 5 tablets/ day on your second course of YHK. You can carry on adjusting the dosage according to your liver function test results, in order to maintain normal liver function.

Low cost to maintain a healthy liver

After some time, you will find your ideal dosage - the number of tablets of YHK to use per day that best suits your body and lifestyle. According to our customers’ feedback, the average number of tablets needed to maintain normal liver function is only 2-3 tablets per day.

In another words, it would only cost around $5 /day to maintain normal and healthy liver function.

Follow the above steps to achieve normal liver function, maintain a healthy liver, prevent liver problems and lower risk of liver cancer!

  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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