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A guide to stop NASH in 4 weeks

A guide to stop NASH in 4 weeks

NASH is inflammation in the liver developed from accumulated fat in the organ, also known as fatty liver. NASH damages liver cells and liver function, which results in elevated ALT liver enzyme level. 


As there are no approved treatments for NASH, the standard recommendation for patients is to lose weight only. However this doesn’t work for everyone so if you are struggling to find a way to stop NASH, please read on.


What is the real problem here?

The biggest threat of NASH is actually not the fat in the liver itself, but how the liver reacts to the fat. Having some fat in the liver is considered to be normal, and not everyone who has fatty liver will develop NASH. The reasons behind the progression from fatty liver to NASH still remain unknown. Therefore, the key to recovery is to stop inflammation and reduce the damage done to liver cells, rather than focusing on getting rid of the fat.


According to Rohit Loomba of the School of Medicine at the University of California San Diego, “Currently, no approved treatments exists for NASH, and patients with advanced fibrosis would potentially benefit from new options to halt and/or reverse the progression of their disease” [1]


So, how to stop it?

Inflammation is the cause of liver damage (which is reflected by high ALT or GPT liver enzyme level); it is also the reason behind fibrosis and cirrhosis. Chronic inflammation is also a major cause of liver cancer, therefore, stopping inflammation equals stopping NASH, which is the only way to halt and/or reverse the progression of this disease.


This is where YHK comes in - a double blinded clinical test shows that NASH patients are able to stop inflammation in the liver and normalise ALT (GPT) after using YHK. [2] 


YHK is a world-leading liver therapy targeting liver function improvement. Preclinical NASH & fibrosis data demonstrate a beneficial effect of YHK in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) mouse models. Also, there are research papers that confirm YHK’s unique and multifaceted mode of action in curing NASH by normalising ALT (GPT) in just 30 days.


Inflammation and fibrosis reversal

Preventing damage to liver cells caused by fat and reducing inflammation can help NASH patients to recover liver function, but there are more to YHK. Another research indicates that YHK can also help patients to reduce fibrosis in the liver, reverse early stages of fibrosis and prevent the development of cirrhosis. YHK offers more than simply normalising ALT (GPT) level, it can even help to regain liver function and reverse scar tissues.


YHK review from a NASH cirrhosis patient

Nenita Casebier from USA has experienced the effects of YHK first hand:
“I started taking 6 tabs a day. As suggested on the website, I had my lab tests done after a month and the results showed my ALT 32 and AST 40, (which started off at ALT - 99 and AST - 55) then I thought “it was a great improvement”. I was so happy with the results after taking the YHK. It shows how effective it is and even easy to swallow considering its size.” [3]

More reviews and testimonials on YHK.

  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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