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6 ‘Must Have’ Tips when using health supplements

6 ‘Must Have’ Tips when using health supplements

We often look for health supplements to help our body to function better and for health support. There are thousands of supplements available in the market, how do we know which is right for us? 


Currently, there is a lack of regulations on supplements; this means that it is extremely crucial that consumers know how to make a right and safe choice. We must not be blinded by fancy marketing and branding, but filter the information we collect neutrally and wisely. Here  are 6 points to note when considering using a health supplement:


1) More is not always better:

The first and most fundamental question to ask  before taking a health supplement is “Do I really need it?”. Most supplements supply substances that claim to be good for the body, but many of these substances can actually be absorbed from our daily diet. It is good to keep in mind that while some substances may be good for the body, a larger quantity may not necessarily bring a bigger health effect. 


2) Ingredients:

Before using any supplements, we should always look at its ingredients. More importantly, we should check the source of the ingredients, because they often might not be from where you imagined.
For example, most vitamins in supplements are petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives, and chemically processed sugar (plus sometimes industrially processed fish oils), which are processed by other acids and industrial chemicals (such as formaldehyde). [1][2]
You can read more about this subject here


3) Published clinical trials and research data:

Research data and clinical trials of the supplement can help to ensure the safety of the product. Reading the content (or at least the result section) of the research papers is important, as there are companies out there who use weak research for marketing purposes.
If a research paper has been published in medical journals or conferences, it is more likely to be authentic and trustworthy as it has been approved by a creditable organisation and professionals. (The US National Library of Medicine) is a good source to look for creditable research data. Here is a list of research papers of YHK listed on PubMed.


4) Safety and toxicity testing:

Documents such as safety test and toxicity test results are proof of the safety of a health supplement. For example, YHK has to go through a range of safety tests before launch in the market. Tests include heavy metals or toxic elements test, Residual Pesticides Test, Microbial Limit Test, etc. 


5) Monitor the results and make changes accordingly:

Unlike medicine, supplement often do not have clear or quick results. However, an effective supplement should be able to produce noticeable differences or changes in the body after application.

When taking a supplement, we should monitor the results and make changes (such as adjust the dosage or cease intake) accordingly. If you do not feel any changes after some time, it probably means that the supplement is not what you need or is ineffective.

As an example, YHK is designed to lower ALT/AST level for people with chronic liver inflammation, and results can be seen within 10-14 days. Users of YHK can see the result from Liver Function Tests, and when liver function starts to improve, there will be noticeable changes in the body too, especially on the energy level. [2]


6) Selling History and Country of Origin:

The selling history and country of origin also provide additional references in terms of product safety. Products with a long selling history are less likely to have problems, and products made in certain countries are of higher quality due to strict regulations and production standards.

  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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