For Cirrhosis

Prevent Cirrhosis worsening is Key! Recover liver cells with YHK.

YHK liver natural treatment has anti-inflammation and anti-fibrotic properties which can halt the progression of cirrhosis and prevent further liver damage.

Key Effects and Advantages


Reverse early fibrosis

Feedback from our users suggest early damage can be undone.


Normalize ALT & AST

Recover normal liver function and see the results in your liver function tests.


Halt or slow down cirrhosis

Prevent cirrhosis from worsening.


Better sleep

Many users get better sleep and thus feel more awake during the day after using YHK.


Protect and repair liver cells

Help regenerate healthy liver cells and repair damaged ones.


No side effects

A safe and side-effect free formula made from natural ingredients.

Clinically Proven Therapeutic Properties

1) “Transaminases levels significantly decreased in all patients within the first 2 weeks being within normal limits in 3 of them and, in particular, GPT (ALT) fell into normal level in all patients. Liver biopsy, repeated after 1 year in 5 patients and 18 months in the sixth one, showed a significant improvement of either fibrosis and of inflammatory infiltrate.”

2) “This nutraceutical has been shown in vitro and in vivo to exert protective anti-tumour effect by redox status-modulating and immuno-regulatory actions.”

1) YHK, A Novel Herbal Remedy with Effective Anti-fibrotic Action, in Chronic Liver Disease: A Pilot Clinical Study Aiming to a Successful Integrative Medicine Development

2) Inhibitory Action of a Novel Phytotherapeutic Compound Against Human Hepatoma Cells

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How YHK works?

YHK has been proven to help to enhance the growth of new liver cells and prevent or slow down worsening of cirrhosis.

YHK contains anti-fibrotic properties which can protect and improve liver function. Customer feedback also suggests YHK can reverse early fibrosis. The anti-inflammation effects of YHK on chronic liver diseases can stop or reduce inflammation.

Clinical studies indicate that YHK is effective in reducing ALT and AST levels in patients, meaning that YHK can help to normalize liver function. In the long run, this can help to decrease the risk of liver cancer and liver failure.

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