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Unique US patented formula for high ALT

Unique US patented formula for high ALT

Recently we have received quite a few enquiries about YHK’s effect on managing ALT level. Many are curious about YHK’s mechanism of normalising high ALT level as quickly as in 10 days. Some wonder if such fast result is safe, while some have doubts on how long the effective results can last. Therefore, we think it is a great opportunity to discuss how YHK helps with the problem of high ALT level.


What causes high ALT?

In order to understand how YHK can effectively manage high ALT level, we need to take a look at how ALT enzymes function.

As some of you might know, ALT enzymes are largely found in the liver, with some in the kidneys and other organs. They convert amino acids in the process of cellar energy production. In healthy individuals, ALT enzymes stay inside the liver. But when the liver is damaged or inflamed, ALT enzymes are sent to the bloodstream, signalling liver injury. Therefore, ALT level is an accurate indication as to whether the liver is injured and to what degree the liver is injured.


YHK’s secret is its unique, patented formula

YHK’s unique way of lowering the ALT level is to target the root cause of the high ALT problem –  that is the liver is being injured/inflamed – by recovering damaged liver cells and improving liver function.

The ingredients used in YHK are well-known for restoring liver health: Panax Pseudoginseng, Eucommia, Licorice Root, and Rhizoma Polygonati. But YHK just does not stop here, the essence of the ingredients are extracted using our special patented extraction method, which is designed to maximise the effects of each ingredient and at the same time limiting their side effects, making it safe for long-term or short-term use. Research shows that YHK’s 3A properties – Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fibrotic, And anti-oxidant – help recover liver health and lower ALT level effectively.

YHK’s formula has patents in US, Japan, Canada, Europe, and China and its effectiveness is documented in over 30 clinical studies that are published in well-recognised databases such as PubMed (US National Library of Medicine).


Delivers fast, safe, and reliable results

Not only is YHK’s effectiveness reliable, it is also safe to use. From our research, clinical studies and more than 25 years of users’ reports, no side effects were found from the use of YHK.

Since YHK can be used for both treatment and protection purposes, many of our users shared with us that they continue to use YHK to protect their livers even after their levels are normalised. 

Find out more about the significant results that YHK has achieved in our users’ reviews here:

  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
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