Apart from YHK, what other supplements are good for the liver?

Written By: YHK

Well, once fatty liver has set in, the next big question is what are the best liver supplements to help the liver recuperate? Unfortunately traditional biomedicine has little, if any help to offer; according to it fatty liver is, sadly, incurable, and hence very little research has gone into trying to improve the lifestyle of people who suffer from it.

Although biomedicine has written off fatty liver disease, there are some kinds of liver supplements you can take to cure fatty liver disease, although it is best to consult your physician before trying anything out, you might want to try out a few of these remedies on recommendation to see which are the best liver supplements for you.

One thing to look for in the best liver supplements is an herb that has a high-standardized concentration of the active ingredient silymarin, both these substances help the liver fight back against fat deposits. Yo Jyo Hen Shi Ko (YHK) is also a popular liver supplement for fatty liver. In addition to this, you should also consider foods and drugs which contain additional supporting nutrients such as other herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and vegetable extracts to balance out the powerful substances and also improve the liver’s ability to detoxify and burn fat.

Each person would suffer from varying intensities of fatty liver disease (hence traditional medicine cannot make a fix on one particular drug to give everyone) so it is vital that when you have a liver problem you must take a formula that contains the proper dosage of the active ingredients just mentioned. Also, these herbs ought to be standardized and from a reliable source so that they are pure and you know that you are getting the correct dosage. That’s probably the problem with this remedy – It has been clinically proven that a daily dose of herbs that provide 420mg of pure silymarin will help combat fatty liver. If you this in any form into your meals twice every day you will obtain this dose of pure silymarin, but again, it must be in a concentration which is right for you so it is recommended that you use the powder since it is easier to measure.

If this sounds a little too risky for you, you can still consult your doctor to get these substances in a mild form that can be used in combination with any other general liver tonic that contains all the vital ingredients to enhance liver function. Generally, a strong, all-purpose comprehensive herbal liver tonic consists of specific herbs and amino acids that will put your mind at ease. These specific herbs and amino acids help in the elimination and also the reduction of waste by having a cleansing effect on the bowel.

Apart from this, the best liver supplements are got through your regular diet. Substances like Vitamin E, Selenium and Betaine all help combat the effects of fatty liver. But, to be perfectly honest, the best thing you can do for liver suffering from fatty liver is to stop consuming alcohol. Alcoholism is the single most potent reason why fatty liver occurs and stopping consumption will help fighting it off.

If you want to know more about fatty liver disease and its solution, please go to Chashi, our fatty liver information network, for more details.




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