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Fatty Liver Diet – Tomato

Written By: YHK

Tomato is a great fatty liver and liver disease diet. It is a high quality goods. Liver disease patients can always eat tomato as a diet treatment. Here are 3 cooking methods which you can try.

(1) Tomato yogurt drink: Take 200g of tomato, plain low fat yogurt 200ml, put the washed tomatoes in warm water for a moment, peel the skin, twist in the juicer for 1 minute, add the yogurt, mix well and serve. Patient can have a light breakfast, they take this drink. This can help the liver to process the fat.

(2) Tomato and egg soup: take 200g of tomato, an egg, 5g of vegetable oil or sesame oil. Wash the tomatoes and cut into thick slices. Beat the egg. Now stir-fry the tomato slides, then add clean water, stir to boil, when the water starts to boil, slowly pour in the egg, add tiny bit of salt, serve when the egg are cooked. Have this soup once every other day, This is good for stomach and digestion, thirst, improve urination, nourishing the blood, skin beauty, fat reduce, liver protection, etc..

(3) Red and White fish soup: tomato 250g, 250g of whit fish, 250g of soft tofu, green onion, ginger, little bit of salt, and sesame oil. Wash tomatoes, cut into pieces. Tofu into cubes and set aside. Fish washed, drained, chopped into mud, seasoning and add chopped green onion, stir and made into fish balls and set aside. Put the fish balls, tofu and tomatoes into a pot, add water and bring to boil, add ginger, small amount of salt, drizzle sesame oil. This can also improve spleen digestion and improve liver health and reduce fat.

Also available: Tomato fried scrambled eggs, green peppers, fried tomatoes, tomato juice, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, fried water chestnuts…etc are all good for fatty liver and chronic hepatitis, diabetes and high blood pressure patients. Patient should try to add tomato in their meal everyday.

The tomato can also prevent fatty liver and improve health but there are a few things need to be aware of:

(1) avoid eating uncook tomato. Uncook tomatoes contain a large number of “tomatine” too much tomatine can causes food poisoning. The symptoms of poisoning are nausea, vomiting, salivation, and generalized weakness, fatigue and other symptoms, severe cases, life-threatening. According to a study of tomato such toxic “alkaloids”, with gradually reduced after the tomato skin color continues to mature red and will turn red tomato disappear. So immature with green tomatoes, should be avoid.

(2) Do not eat tomatoes with empty stomach.

(3) Raw tomatoes and Raw cucumber should not be eating at the same time. The tomato is a vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable food per 100 g of tomato carotene, 550 micrograms, thiamine and riboflavin 0.03 mg, 10.6 mg of niacin, vitamin C19 mg, vitamin E0.57 mg, vitamin A92 micrograms . Cucumber with vitamin C enzyme, can destroy the vitamin C in tomatoes and reduce the other nutrients, in particular, should not eat raw tomato and raw cucumber together.

(4) Do not over cook tomato. Overcooking a tomato, damage the vitamin and loss of nutritional value.




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