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Cirrhosis & symptoms in mouth

Written By: YHK

Mouth (oral) & cirrhosis

Mouth and Cirrhosis

From chronic hepatitis disease to cirrhosis can take months or even decades, it is a disease progress gradually. Once identify early symptoms of cirrhosis, patients should improve their lifestyle and get treatment, in order to control the progress of cirrhosis and avoid sever complications.

Our mouth is a highly sensitive area which contain vessels, nerves and glands. When liver tissue gets fibrosis, blood circulation in the mouth will be affected. Patients who suffer from chronic hepatitis for years might lost the sharpness in the mouth and lips or colour turns dark. If patients get these symptoms, it might means the liver is developing cirrhosis. Sudden tooth decay, periodontitis and pyorrhea is also a sign of liver disease progression, treatment for these symptoms will often have no effects. Cirrhosis will causes lack of B vitamins in the body, which can causes symptoms such as  atrophy of the tongue, alveolar hemorrhage, halitosis, oral lesions, and brooding parotid swelling.

If you does not have any liver disease, but the above symptoms appears in the mouth, you should be alert, as it could be a sign of cirrhosis developing, and a liver test is highly recommend.




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