A clinically proven liver therapy

Effective Treatment for cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B/C, fatty liver

YHK is a evidence based treatment which is often use for chronic liver diseases including fatty liver, NASH, hepatitis, and cirrhosis. This natural compound is also great for liver disease prevention of chronic liver diseases and liver cancer.

True Successful Stories

How YHK helps patients to recover from liver diseases.

I’m obviously impressed by the effectiveness of YHK in relation to my condition and would certainly recommend it to anyone with similar symptoms and causes...


An evidence based natural therapy.

Research studies indicates no known side effects.

YHK is a natural compound liver therapy. Over the years YHK has collected a good amount of research data and users report, and we have yet to discover any known side effects from the use of YHK.

  • Natural Formula

    YHK Therapy is a scientific based natural compound originated from Japan. Research data and clinical studies indicates that YHK can effectively normalise liver function and there is no indication of any known side effects.

  • Scientifically Proven

    YHK is an evidence based therapy designed to prevent and treat chronic liver diseases such as, chronic hepatitis B/C and cirrhosis. Our research data indicates that YHK can quickly and effectively lower ALT (GPT) figures, and normalise liver function.

  • Treatment & Protection

    By enhancing the growth of liver cells, YHK is ofter use as a treatment for chronic liver disease including hepatitis, cirrhosis, and NASH. And also use by many as a prevention of liver disease and liver cancer.


  • For Liver Diseases

    YHK is an ideal therapy for people with liver diseases. 6 YHK tablets a day, the liver and liver cells can quickly and effectively increase function and health.

  • Prevention

    YHK is not only a type of treatment. As it is a natural supplement, with a lower dosage of 1~2 tabelts per day, YHK can protects the liver from harmful substances. Effectively prevents chronic liver diseases, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

  • US National Library of Medicines

    Over the years, the effects of YHK has been proven by a great amount of research data and testing. Some of YHK's research is also collected by www.PubMed.gov.

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Effects of YHK

YHK is an evidence based natural compound which can quickly and effectively enhance the growth of liver cells, recover liver cells, low ALT and AST figures and normalise liver function. This natural therapy is ideal for liver patients to use as a single treatment or a combine treatment (with medications) to treat chronic hepatitis B/C, fatty liver disease, and cirrhosis.