YHK is a clinically proven liver therapy for chronic liver diseases.
Research shows that YHK can prevent, slow down or reduce fibrosis and inflammation in the liver caused by cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, fatty liver and NASH.
More then 80% of users found to have great imporvement (shown in Liver Function test) in liver fucntion after using.
What is YHK?
YHK is a natural protection & therapy which can enhance the repair and growth of new liver cells. It can also stop chronic inflammation in the liver.
Who should use YHK Therapy?
YHK can effectively restore liver function and it can be use for:
  Liver Cirrhosis   NASH
  Chronic hepatitis B
  Chronic Hepatitis C
  Fatty liver disease   Prevention & Protection of liver disease
  Only 6 Tablets per day for 10 days! cirrhosis treatment
  Since launching in Japan 20 years ago, it has helped thousands of patients with chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, NASH and fatty liver disease.
Customer's Testimonial

“I’m obviously impressed by the effectiveness of YHK in relation to my condition and would certainly recommend it to anyone with similar symptoms and causes.” Clarence Bailey - Hamersley, Western Australia
Safety & Clinical Trials
View YHK clinical trails information.
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